How to add cad blocks to autocad?

At the bottom of the Blocks palette, choose one or more options to control placement, scale, rotation, and automatic repetition. Creating blocks in AutoCAD is very easy. First you must draw all the parts that will form your block. Remember to draw all the objects on layer “0”.

When you are ready to create the block, select the Create button from the Block section of the Insert tab of the ribbon menu. You can also create your own tool palette and place your favorite CAD blocks on it, or you can create a complete catalog of your standard CAD blocks using tool palettes. Attributes are information such as the manufacturer's name, part number, etc., that is associated with a block and can be extracted to an Excel file or drawing table. For example, if you use blocks to create windows on a floor plan and after adding the windows, you decide to modify the window type.

Blocks can be a simple and simple collection of static geometries, or you can also create blocks with dynamic properties, and these types of blocks are called dynamic blocks. The other two options, Recent Blocks and Library Blocks, open the Blocks palette in the corresponding tab. Autodesk has introduced a new block palette in which you now have an area where you can access external blocks, recently inserted blocks, and from the current drawing. When a block is inserted in a drawing, it is automatically scaled according to the ratio between the units defined in the drawing and the units defined in the block.

For example, you can create a dynamic block of a door of different sizes and, when used in the drawing, you can use the same dynamic block for all door sizes. I was recently preparing another set of free CAD blocks for download, when I realized that I had never actually provided information on how to use the blocks. In the block editor, you'll also discover some extremely useful features, such as dynamic block attributes and functions, such as the base point, the extension, and more. The second reason is the size of the file, since the use of blocks significantly reduces the size of the saved drawing, which in turn helps many of the drawing tasks to be done more quickly.

When a set of objects is on layer “0” and you lock them, the new block will have the special feature of being able to change the color and line type of any layer where you place it. In the Blocks palette, log in to your Autodesk account and specify a cloud storage location to synchronize the blocks and access them anytime, anywhere.

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